“There is no reward equal to that of doing the most good to the most people in the most need.”- Evangeline Booth

In 2018, The Salvation Army reaped the infinite rewards of service as we continued to fight for the most good in the lives of the lost, displaced, disheartened, forgotten, and forsaken.

Fighting for the Most Good Until the Job is Done

As wildfires, mudslides, volcanoes, and hurricanes uprooted families and devastated communities, we provided both emergency response and long-term recovery assistance via:

  • Total combined relief services to nearly 800,000 people
  • Emotional and spiritual care support to 46,140 people
  • Continued restoration of areas impacted by the catastrophic 2017 hurricane season

Fighting for the Most Good Across Borders

On the front lines of our country’s immigration crisis, we worked with local governments to meet basic human needs through:

  • Emotional and spiritual care for the suffering, regardless of nationality
  • Distribution of more than 200,000 prepared meals to migrant families
  • Provision of more than 50,000 nights of emergency shelters and access to shower units for the indefinitely displaced

Fighting for the Most Good In the Heart of Our Communities

Through the support of valued corporate partners, we implemented:

  • The addition of a 10,000-square-foot recreational camp facility in Big Bear, California
  • An overhaul of the Houston, Texas, family emergency housing program
  • A major blow to systemic homelessness in Charlotte, North Carolina

Fighting for the Most Good In Everyday Battles

For the thousands facing the daily realities of hunger, homelessness, and hopelessness across our communities, we met physical and emotional needs with:

  • Holiday assistance for 2,640,047 people
  • Day-care services for 32,389 families
  • Transportation help for 1,256,221 people

Fighting for the Most Good for Generations to Come

Leading the battle to end systemic poverty nationwide, our Pathway of Hope program:

  • Addresses the root causes of poverty using evidence-based interviews
  • Has implemented hundreds of new programs to actively break the poverty cycle nationwide
  • Provides more than 260 services, including adult education, job training, and child-care centers

Fighting for the Most Good With Passion and Purpose

Read letters from our National Commander and National Advisory Board Chairman detailing The Salvation Army’s:

  • Innovative services and tactics
  • 2018 victories
  • Vision for the future