“While women weep,
as they do now,
I’ll fight

While little children
go hungry, as they do now,
I’ll fight

While men go to prison, in and out,
in and out, as they do now,
I’ll fight

While there is a drunkard left,While there is a poor lost girl upon the streets,While there remains one dark soul without the light of God,

I’ll fightI’ll fight to the very end!”– William Booth

This year, true to the age-old promises of William Booth and powered by the support of our generous volunteers, staff, and donors, we wholeheartedly fought for good in every ZIP code in America.

Fighting for the Displaced

In the wake of the most catastrophic and costly hurricane season in history, we:

  • Provided more than 5.8 million meals and drinks to victims and aid workers
  • Established 147,586 emotional and spiritual care contacts
  • Invested $76 million in recovery work to ensure long-term hope and healing

Fighting for the Overlooked

When our Human Needs Index revealed unmet needs in rural portions across the United States, we established:

  • A helpful presence in 3,042 locations across the country
  • Programs for those experiencing unforeseen food, transport, and shelter crises
  • Unique service units powered by community volunteers

Fighting for the Underserved

In response to prolonged food insecurity in impoverished areas, we established:

  • The first grocery store in the nation to also offer social services
  • Nutritional guidance, shopping education, and meal-planning support
  • Job training for a variety of employment positions

Fighting for the Addicted

To combat our country’s growing opioid crisis, we provided:

  • Affordable options for addiction recovery
  • Residential centers specializing in detox and work therapy
  • Rehabilitation programs focusing on spiritual and emotional care

Fighting for the Jobless

For the estimated 36 million adults lacking sufficient job training, our “hand-up” programs provided:

  • Skills and strengths assessments
  • Job-search counsel and support
  • Training on new employable skills

Fighting to Change Perceptions

To paint a realistic picture of modern-day poverty, we created documentary videos and editorial content depicting:

  • The daily financial struggles of the working poor
  • The challenge of securing food, employment, and childcare
  • The influence of drugs and violence in low-income neighborhoods