This summary represents a combination of data from the Audited Financial Statements of the six (6) separate Salvation Army corporations in the United States: National Headquarters (New Jersey corporation authorized to do business in Virginia), The Salvation Army World Service Office [SAWSO] (District of Columbia corporation authorized to do business in Virginia), Central Territory (Illinois corporation), Eastern Territory (New York corporation), Southern Territory (Georgia corporation), and Western Territory (California corporation).

The four territories comprise seven thousand three hundred eleven (7,311) units of operation throughout the United States, including Puerto Rico, Guam, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and the Federated States of Micronesia. The National Corporation and the World Service Office serve an essential role in helping the territories fulfill their mission. Intercorporate transactions have been eliminated for presentation purposes.

The Salvation Army has successfully rendered service in America since 1880 by maintaining conservative financial policies, enabling us to meet human needs without discrimination. Doing the most good by reaching out to those in need in your community is our highest goal. Our pledge is to maintain the highest standards of financial accountability to continue to deserve your trust.

*Numbers represented in thousands

Public Support $2,370,914
Investment Income $558,679
Government Funds $459,028
Sales to Public $424,496
Other Revenue $211,347
Program Service Fees $133,591

*Numbers represented in thousands

Other Social Services $1,177,789
Corps Community Center $746,261
Rehabilitation $628,760
Residential & Institutional $394,019
Management & General $392,842
Fundraising $240,3283

Centers of Operation

Corps 1,114
Outposts and Service Centers 211
Rehabilitation Centers 126
Thrift Shops 1,014
Community Centers, Boys/Girls Club 306
Kroc Centers 26
Child Day Care Centers 71
Adult Day Care Centers 9
Senior Citizen Centers 205
Group Homes/Temp Housing 574
Permanent Residences 91
Medical Facilities 21
Service Units 2.793
Camps 43
Divisions 39
Training Colleges 4
Anti-Human Trafficking Centers 29
Other 635
TOTAL Centers of Operation 7,311

People Served

Total Persons Served with
Basic Social Services
Holiday Assistance 2,448,685
Summer & Day Camps 338,716
Disaster Assistance 7,769,359
Persons Visited in Institutions –
Nursing Homes, Group Homes, Hospitals
Job Training 21,430
Job Placement 11,245
Correctional Services 101,561
Community Center Participants 3,118,127
Day Care 27,700
Senior Citizens 312,489
Substance Abuse 121,570
Medical Care 7,034
Institutional Care 452,428
Transportation Provided 673,045
Permanent Placement/Housing 12,221
TOTAL Persons Assisted 30,941,915


Officers /Lieutenants
/Auxiliary Capts./Cadets
Soldiers/Members 430,200
Employees 56,093
Volunteers 2,052,933
Advisory Organization Members 60,316
Echelon 730


Total Meals Served 214,229,297
Lodgings Supplied 9,664,265
Financial Assistance 3,144,338
Tangible Items Distributed –
Clothes, Furniture, Gifts

Services Highlights

Virtual Ministry 2,876,569
Youth Programing 1,453,010
Music Education 512,352
KROC Membership 989,445
Anti-Human Trafficking (Survivors Helped) 8,865
Anti-Human Trafficking (Nights of Shelter) 28,832
Anti-Human Trafficking (Referrals) 5,106
Food Pantries 1,561
Shelters 648
Number of Disaster Events 2,926
Veterans Served 10,943
Total Prepared Meals 50,717,637
Total Meal Boxes (1 box = 20 meals) 8,175,583

*Basic Social Services includes referrals, interviews, and missing persons.

Fiscal Year Ended September 30, 2020 Representing 7,311 centers of operation throughout the United States, including Puerto Rico, Guam, the Republic of the Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia.